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Julie Matraves
Travis Birch Continual Improvement, product management, becoming agile, kaizen, Kanban, Project Management, Transformation, large scale agile, Lean, Organizational Development, Self-organization, business agility, Lean , Kata, agile management, Agile, Agile Transformation, cost-of-delay, customer, process improvement, transparency, psychology, Improvement, processes, Organizational Culture, Agile leadership, organizational awareness, Agile Leadership
Alexandra White technical writing, quality, Continuous Deployment, Improvement, Agile, Developer, writing, Technical Practices, Doc-Driven Development, Knowledge Creation, education, documentation, tech excellence, tips & tricks, non-tech, user experience, design, busines, Continual Improvement
Jasper Lamers Coaching, Transformation, Anthropology, Scrum, Agile, Results, Consultancy
John Cumming
Brian Mason
Dave Grant Scrum, kanban, Lean, Agile, customer service, automation, transformation, agile, kanban, lean, respect
Aki Salmi
Sam Grayston
David Breeze
Simon Bostock
Louise Chew
David Morris Lean Change, Enterprise Agile, Teams, Agile Transformation, Cost-of-Delay, TOC, Coaching, Agile, Optimization, Theory of Constraints, Change Management, Large Scale Agile, Transformation, Continual Improvement, Agile Teams, Scrum, Scaling Agile
Rosemary Missier
Roni Goldman
Richard Jones
Steve Parks
Patti Whaley Leadership, Culture, self-awareness, organizational awareness, Team working
Edwin Burgers
Viktor Stråhlén
Jonathan Rothwell
Elizabeth Zagroba
Qaiser Mazhar Leadership Coach, agile coaching, Agile, Team Work, Continual Improvement, coach, Improvement, Lean, becoming agile, Improvement, Product Ownership, process improvement, product management, Continual Improvement, Agile leadership
J Harrison
Matthew Kleiman Self-awareness, Agile, creativity, psychological safety, Empathy, Extreme Programming, Self-improvement, empathy, agile practices, Pair Programming, XP, diversity, TDD, Testing, test driven development, TDD, agile testing, TDD, Spy, testing , Test, test driven development, testing, TDD, Mock, Test Doubles, Testing, Testing
Charlie Harris
Ben Linders agile retrospectives, coaching, team collaboration, teams, Agile, being agile, games, continuous improvement
Stefan decision making, product management, Transparency, Communication, Inspect and Adapt, Product Owner, product roadmap
Kevin Duggan
Nienke Alma
Adam Maddison
Prashant Hegde Mindmaps, Lean, agile testing
Michael Mahlberg agile practices, leadership, processes, Team working, kaizen, process improvement, kanban, product management, , Scientific Method, Improvement, experiment, process improvement, organizational awareness, Culture, Team working, leadership, coaching
Eben Halford
Darpan Sunwar
Jim Verquist Complex Adaptive Systems, Self-organization, Complex Adaptive Systems, Self-organization, Self-organization, Complex Adaptive Systems, Self-organization, Self-organization, Self-organization, Self-organization, Self-organization, Complex Adaptive Systems, Agile
Jonathan Rothwell
Anna Radzikowska Lean, Agile myths, agile coaching, Agile, Learning
andrew nesling Continuous Delivery, nurturing culture, Physical products, growing pains, effective teams
Philippe GUENET
Claudia Michalik non-tech, behavioural change, becoming agile, agile teams, agile coach, being agile, agile transformation, user stories, team collaboration
Mark Cruth
Tom Hoyland NLP, Clean Language, agile retrospectives, coaching, Teams, Agile, team collaboration, people, Technical Practices, Scaling Agile, safety, NLP, Continuous Deployment, agile transformation, kanban, Visualization Tools, coaching, Agile, Theory of Constraints, Extreme Programming, Domain Driven Design, Cost-of-Delay, product delivery, psychological safety, Lean , Lean, agile coaching, WIP, metrics, Flow, psychological safety, coaching, WIP, Theory of Constraints, Lean , NLP, Agile, communication, neuroscience, Agile Transformation, kanban, XP, human, Theory of Constraints, Cost-of-Delay, Testing, team collaboration, Flow, t-shaped, Lean, Continual Improvement, psychology, kanban, servant leader
Michal Mintowt-Czyz
Alex Sloley
Elizabeth Zagroba
Ioiana Pires Luncheon
Tatiana Kolesnikova
Stefan Wolpers agile anti-patterns, coach, agile coaching, product discovery, scrum anti-patterns, product delivery, agile anti-patterns, product development, product, agile, , Lean , product discovery, Transition, Scrum, product roadmap, Agile Software Development, Agile Transformation, product backlog, Agile, being agile, Scaling Agile, personal agendas, scrum anti-patterns
Ady Dike AgileCoaching, Agile Leadership, Business Agility, agile leadership, business agility
John Wright
Richard Barton
Dennis Stepp
Frankie Hewitson
Claire Ashcroft
viv richards Automation, Automation, visual testing, Automation, testing, communication, Agile, development, team collaboration
Luke Edwards
Miriam Darteh
Maliha Naveed
Luke Langfield
Leena S N Refactoring, Continuous Delivery, , Technical Practices, Database migrations
Sabrina Hörner
Boyan Mihaylov Agile Software Development, continuous improvement, software architecture
Claudius Link
Dermot Kilroy
April Wensel
Marcel Britsch
Chris Oldwood Build & Deployment, Architecture, Monitoring, Testing, Practitioner
Justyna Pindel empathy, innovation, System thinking, pivot, product discovery, clean language, UX, Lean, UX, Strategic Business, Design Thinking, games, Product Ownership, strategy, Strategic Business, lean startup, Curiosity, product discovery, Strategic Business, Products
Paul Shannon
Ravi Jay business, Agile Software Development, being agile, product management, Continuous Digital
Prakash Aryal
Adam Mitchell
Elaine Sullivan inspirational, Resilience, positive psychology, neuroscience, self-development, Self-awareness, habits, motivational, people, mindset, Self-organization, Start with the Why, tips & tricks, team building, team working, Team Work, Organizational Culture, product, team building, trust, teamworking, visualisation, interaction, Team working, non technical, beyond IT, Neurodiversity, psychological safety, recruitment, Team working, Organizational Development, positive psychology, Team working, psychology, Organizational Culture
Luis Font agile management, kanban, agile marketing, scrum, agile sales
Bob Willis
Kjell Eldor Project management, Project management, product management, Project management, product
Maryse Meinen becoming agile, agile family, Lean, Agile, Self-improvement, non technical, coach, non-tech, , Leadership Coach, Teams, Team working, Flow
James Brown
Gary Fleming agile, frameworks
Ben Aston
Woody Zuill Doodling, Sketchnoting, Creativity, Planning, No Estimates, Estimates
Helen Lisowski people, psychology, habits, Change
Tony Edwards
Lars Sjödahl
Giorgio Sironi
Aiko Klostermann
Johan Steyn
João Rosa collaborative modelling, Domain Driven Design, Pair Programming, Change Management, Digital Transformation, software crafting, Culture, Resilience, Lean, test driven development, Theory of Constraints, visual collaboration, Agile, DevOps, Team working, Leadership, Transformation, Socio-technical, EventStorming, BDD, Continuous Delivery, Example Mapping, Chaos Engineering, Cynefin, software architecture, extreme programming, Domain-driven design, Outside-in TDD
Elize van Heerden Business Agility, agile transformation, Agile Coach, Being Agile, Leadership Coach
Naveed Khawaja psychological safety, Scaling Agile, Strategy Deployment, System Thinking, Change Management, transformation, change management, agile transformation, kanban, psychology, Product Ownership, lean startup, Simplicity, becoming agile, Theory of Constraints, Innovation, servant leader, non-tech, Lean, Self-awareness, Continual Improvement, Enterprise Agile, Business Agility, well-being, coaching, Agile, Kanban, coach, change management, Agile Leadership, Being Agile, Agile Transformation, games, Agile Transformation, stability, agile,, enterprise, business agility, agile restrospectives, Continual Improvement, Agile, Improvement, agile household, continuous improvement, agile family, focus, agile maturity, , Lean, Organizational Development, Self-improvement, enterprise agility, Continual Improvement, Team working, Scientific Method, , psychology, psychological safety, Kanban, business agility, Business Agility, Scaling Agile, Complexity Science, Knowledge Creation, Being Agile, Lean Software Development, team collaboration, change management, Agile Transformation, Panel Discussion, Continual Improvement, Continuous Deployment, Theory of Constraints, nurturing culture, Organizational Development, , Agile Transformation, Digital Business, research, beyond IT, inspirational, business agility, Agile Leadership, Team working, Strategic Business, agile retrospectives, case study, Continuous Deployment, psychology, transparency, enterprise lean, Strategy Deployment, Improvement, Agile Coaching, Agile, Transformation, Organizational Development, synergy, Leadership Coach, Lean, Organizational Culture, agile coaching, experiment, change management, experience report, Improvement, business agility, Team working, Kanban, becoming agile, Organizational Culture, Strategic Business, Leadership Coach, autonomy, Agile, Leadership, Transformation, Agile Leadership, Continual Improvement, servant leader, Lean, behavioural change, Strategy Deployment, agile leadership, Critical Resource management, Organizational Development, psychology, focus, Agile Transformation, Culture, team collaboration, Self-improvement, organizational agility, motivational, Change Management, Learning Organization, Improvement, tech&non-tech, Team collaboration, Business Agility, Leadership Coach, Digital Business, Agile, Enterprise Agile, continuous improvement, , Strategic Business, coach, continuous improvement, Organizational Development, Lean, business agility, Business Intelligence
Michelle Almeida , Lean Kanban, Agile transformations , Customer journey, Towards Agility, Agile Product Discovery , Personas
Marti Konstant
Mike Trebilcock
Dimitri Favre noprojects, product management, Product Ownership, product management, Project Management, Agile, product development, Product Ownership, noprojects
Amanda Lacey Stockwell product discovery, UX, UX, Lean, agile, pivot, , user experience, design, busines
Sam Skilling
Thomas Epping
Tony Bruce
gez smith
Raquel Silva
Olja Rastic-Dulborough
Emma Hill
Rickard Westman
Jeremias Rößler Testing, open source, Test Automation, quality, test automation, test automation, testing
Parveen Khan
Lilly M. Dobreva
Chris Pitts Transformation, coach, Agile, growing pains, becoming agile, technical, agile coaching, Team working, Loud shirts, Culture
Sven Dill beyond IT, User stories, organizational awareness, Lean, Continual Improvement, Organizational Development, experiment, Lean, Strategy Deployment, Agile Leadership, Program Management, Culture, Agile, Improvement, Continual Improvement, Culture, Product Ownership, business agility, non-tech, Agile Transformation, Program Management, Leadership Coach, Agile Leadership
Marina Alex agile management, beyond IT, Business Agility, Transformation, non-tech, business agility, non-tech, mindset, Continual Improvement
John Albrecht coach, Karpman, Self Care, Rescue, Transactional Analysis, Drama, Team working
Trish Tutton
Sebastian Bauer agile coaching, Organizational Culture, Inspect and Adapt, Team Work, Culture, Improvement, Agile, Teams, Team working, organizational awareness, conflict prevention, Team working, socialize, fun excercises
Sander Dur
Ziryan Salayi
Ross Mackenzie
Charles Kubicek cloud, technical leadership, Lean
Stephanie Gasche prioritisation, user experience, design, busines, Teams, team building, lean startup, Agile, intercultural team, Project management, lean startup, UX, lean startup, Agile, NPO, lean startup, refugees
Jitesh Gosai visualisation, facilitation, processes, teams, Modelling, kanban, TOC, boards, visualisation, testing , testing in production, automation, testability, continuous testing, quality, observability, devops
Adam Hansrod API design, Transformation, tech debt, technical leadership, tech lead, Organizational Development, Agile, Consultancy, Automation, Lean, Refactoring, value stream management, Teams, Organizational Culture, testability, product, Build & Deployment, digital platform, devops, Technical Practices, Microservices
Jann Thomas Lean, Product Ownership, Agile, product development, Communication, teamworking
Michael Gerrity
Jan Mulkens DevOps, Database migrations, databases, Agile, continuous delivery, Lean, Transformation, change management, Lean, experience report, Agile, DevOps, Agile, DevOps, databases, agile transformation, Business Intelligence, Lean
Chris Dent
steve Poole
Julia Khusainova agile, pivot, user experience, design, busines, product, team building, trust
Gel Goldsby Improvement, Agile, Culture, Continuous Deployment, Organizational Culture, extreme programming, Organizational Culture, Agile myths
Kim Bird
Neil Cook
Rickard Jones AgileHR Scrum Coach Coaching
Richard Collings VUCA, Cynefin, Complexity Science, Uncertainty, behavioural change, Complex Adaptive Systems, complexity thinking, Agile in Business
Debbie Levitt
Tim Robinson Culture, Agile Transformation, Transition, Change, leadership
Mattia Battiston data driven, kanban, forecasting, agile metrics
Thijs Suijten
Mike Harris
Rachel Picken
Phil Thompson
Ádám Sándor Architecture, Continuous Deployment, gitops
Allan Kelly Agile, Agile, Agile Software Development, Digital Business, Continuous Digital, Products, Product Management, product discovery, Agile, Agile Product Discovery , Product Ownership, Digital Business, Improvement, Continuous Digital, Digital Business
Jochebed Reyes
Tony O'Halloran
Kylie Yearsley Scrum, Continual Improvement, Being Agile, Scaling Agile, hippo, Agile Transformation, Cost-of-Delay, becoming agile, kanban, agile transformation, Agile Leadership, large scale agile, Being Agile, Transformation, Continual Improvement, Agile, Agile Transformation, Product , becoming agile, agile transformation, implementation agile methods
John Le Drew safety, agile, collaboration, autonomy, teamperformance, well-being, synergy, teamwork, authenticity, communication, collaboration, teamworking, agile, product ownership, teamworking, product ownership, agile, collaboration, collaboration, inclusion, creativity, diversity
Henk Boelman
Laurence Wood
Steve Williams anti-fragile, RNLI, leadership, habits, effective teams, people, culture, resilience, decision making, Agile Leadership, Cynefin, teamworking, teamwork, Organizational Culture, lifeboat, lifeguard
Christopher Davey
Nicole Forsythe Scientific Method
simon cookson
Natasha Ah-Fat
Duncan Campbell
David Heath
Martin Crump
Claire Donald
Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Thomas Galley
Karl Scotland X-Matrix, A3, Agile Transformation, Strategy Deployment, Backbriefing, Strategy Deployment, X-Matrix, Transformation, A3
Nuno Pereira Team working, team working, organizational development, liberating structures, agile coaching, communication, improvement
Corrado (dex) De Sanctis games, sub-optimization, integration, self-organization, team workin, team collaboration, collaboration, Theory of Constraints, agile game, large scale agile, agile management, Serious games, Strategy Deployment, continuous deployment, Agile Coach, Team collaboration, Strategy Deployment, Agile Transformation, visual management, team working, tech debt, scrum anti patterns, teams, Team Working, fun excercises, meeting culture, Agile Coaching, strategy, local optimisation, teamworking, Experiment, Self-organization, behavioural change, visual management, implementation agile methods, agile, product development, Team, serious gaming, , Agile Coach, Team working, people, implementation agile methods, people, Experiment, meeting culture, scrum anti patterns, agile management, Culture, Agile Coaching, teamworking, self-organization, product development, continuous deployment, adaptation, process improvement, teams, Agile, Team, serious gaming, , teamwork, Self-organization, fun excercises, delivery, Team working, local optimisation, agile, Mission, Agile Transformation, Culture, behavioural change, Mission, Team collaboration, delivery, team working, tech debt, self-organization, adaptation, Team Working, teamwork, Serious games, process improvement, strategy
Victoria Morgan-Smith
Simon Girvan Lean, beyond IT, Organizational Culture, Agile Coaching, DevOps, Technical Practices, coach, Agile, agile management, agile coaching, tech lead, Agile Leadership, Product Ownership, Agile leadership, product development, fun excercises, Coaching, Lean, tips & tricks, Creativity, collaboration, Agile, lean startup, train the trainer, teamworking, Communication, Workshop, product, team building, trust, Team working, effective teams, Agile Practices, visual collaboration, Leadership Coach, Continual Improvement, Team working, Team working, risk management, Agile in Business, scrum anti-patterns
Kenny Baas-Schwegler Transformation, EventStorming, Continual Improvement, Facilitator, Architecture, Example Mapping, Continuous Delivery, Domain Driven Design, Agile Software Development, EventStorming, Outside-in TDD, TDD, Domain-driven design, System Thinking, collaborative modelling, Deep Democracy, Agile, software modelling, Domain-driven design
Lynda Girvan
Markus Wittwer Agile, coach, mindfulness, Personal development, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness
Ziryan Salayi Scrum, Lego
Roy Marriott team performance, feedback, teamwork, psychological safety
Tariq Rashid python, machine learning, creative coding, AI, neural networks
Sarah Deignan
Martin Burns Prioritisation, cost-of-delay, product roadmap, Program Management, non technical, Product Ownership, WSJF, Strategy Deployment, hippo, creativity, collaboration, adaptation, Organizational Development, Agile, nurturing culture, culture, teamworking, learning, mindfulness, Continual Improvement, Enterprise Agile, culture, Change, Transformation, agile transformation, engagement model, respect, inclusion
John Le Drew teams, non technical, Product Management, diversity, being agile, Agile, psychological safety, Agile Software Development, business, non technical, business, teams, psychological safety, non technical, diversity, teams, business, teams, business, psychological safety, non technical
Paul Cooper
Dinesh Sharma
Clare Sudbery music, collaboration, communication, singing, tips & tricks, Improvement, Pair Programming, effective teams, Continual Improvement, coach, Team Work, Organizational Development, Team working, TDD, learning, technical leadership, refactoring, Pairing, software crafting, testing, XP, teaching
Paul Addicott-Evans Development, Agile, product development, Scrum, Continuous Digital, Software, Agile Teams, agile restrospectives, Agile Software Development, Being Agile, enterprise agile, large scale agile, Enterprise Agile
jimbobbirnie Team working, Improvement, Lean, Agile, , organizational awareness, innovation, beyond IT, research, Inspirational, curiosity, Architecture, Refactoring, Project management, Microservices, Clean Code, Agile, Lean, Inspirational, business agility, Continual Improvement, Agile, , continuous improvement, Culture, Agile, non technical, Change, , coaching, transformation, people, Being Agile
Evelyn van Kelle visual collaboration, Socio-technical, Team working, Organizational Development
Philipp Diebold
Mike Pearce
Wouter Lagerweij
Sarah Ziegenfuss
Thomas Michalak
Raj Chana
Luca Minudel Extreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban, Complexity Science, Cynefin, Authentic Agile Practitioner, Lean Software Development, Agile Coaching, Being Agile, Lean-Agile Polyglot, Continuous Delivery, software crafts(wo)manship, tech debt, tech excellence, tech lead, Continual Improvement, Technical Practices, Agile leadership, Complexity thinking, Transformation, Self-organization, Complexity Science, Complexity Science, Organizational Development, Agile, Complex Adaptive Systems, Agile, Complexity Science
Michael Connor
Richard Gange
Rhos Chappelle Nudge, Psychology, Products
Manuele Piastra
Marcin Bazydlo
Nikola Bogdanov
Duncan Nisbet
Ceri Newton
Erwin Staal
Ben Nicholls pull, flow, ToC, local optimisation, WIP, train the trainer, boats
Marcel Britsch
Mike Wood
Amitai Schleier Design, Empathy, agile retrospectives, team collaboration, Legacy Code, Technical Practices, technical, Code, Development, CI, teams, Refactoring, noprojects, Agile Software Development, Agile, XP, NoBranching, development process, small scale agile, Agile Coaching, Teams, people, Coaching, coaching, tech&non-tech, Software, human, Curiosity, Development , Operations, continuous improvement, Automation, Agile Software Development, risk management, Technical Practices, Continuous Delivery, Change Management, TDD, mob programming, Legacy Code, Refactoring, risk management, Refactoring, risk management, Flow, Technical Practices, Change Management, Continuous Delivery, Lean, psychological safety
Artur Margonari examples, Continual Improvement, visual management, Lean, Kanban, Agile, photos, tips & tricks, team building, business agility, , games, Retrospective, Best practices, Scrum master, coaching, Innovation, Being Agile, Organizational Development, Continual Improvement, Agile, kanban, case, inspirational, fun, out of the box, real examples, motivational, agile practices, Agile, fun, meeting culture, focus, meeting purpose, Continual Improvement, Agile, handson, examples, Scrum master, Agile, Product Ownership, visual management, continuous improvement, exaples, tips & tricks, dos and don'ts, Agile, icebreakers, fun, energizers, practice, agile practices, check-ins, meeting purpose, focus
Michiel Rook operability, continuous delivery, pipelines, automation, continuous deployment, devops, resilience, continuous delivery, devops, databases, lead developer, tech lead, leadership, Scrum master, devops, Agile
Jordann Gross Self-organization, Agile Coaching, Change agent, Agile, Lean, Serious gaming, Leadership Coach, Organizational design, Agile Transformation, Enabling constraints, Workshop, Self-selection, Self-organization, Co-creation
gal zellermayer delivery, bugs, Simplicity, agile, agile transformation, culture, quality, software
David Michel Product Ownership, Being Agile, Agile, team collaboration, Scrum master, team working, psychology
Raquel Silva Agile, teams, non technical, agile,, team collaboration, Agile, teams, non technical, being agile, being agile, Agile Software Development, team collaboration
Raluca Morariu
Steven Limmer
Maria Scrivener
Paul Goddard , collaboration, improv, storytelling, scrum, yesand
Spencer Turner
Kunal Ahluwalia Lean, Agile, Product Ownership
Mike Barritt AOTB
Matt H small scale agile, large scale agile, product management, enterprise agile, Being Agile, lean startup, Agile in marketing, enterprise, non technical, Cornwall, large scale agile, enterprise lean, strategy, teams, agility, enterprise, culture
Dragana Hadzic
Lyndsay Prewer
Colin Rouse
Cosima Laube leadership, mindfulness, positive psychology
Priya Sinha
Joy Heron
Jeff Campbell Agile, consumer driven contract, agile transformation, Theory of Constraints, agile, change management, team collaboration, agile,, Lean, Lean , user stories, non-tech, Change, experiment, Product Ownership, Development , human, kanban, coaching, Agile, servant leader, Being Agile, Simplicity, Customer Focus, communication, Product , Continual Improvement, experience report, creative coding
Mike Griffiths agile transformation, agile transformation, psychological safety, psychological safety
John Ryskowski teamworking, Being Agile, rhythms, synesthesia, human, drums, agility, integration, rock, teams, stability, drumbeats
Oliver Gibson Experimentation, Product Thinking, Lean, Product Management
Anubhav Gupta
Michael Robinson leadership, business agility, Culture, Team working
Luca Minudel
Richard Keast
Andy Eley
Belinda Waldock , business, teams, non technical, being agile, Continuous Digital, being agile, Product Management, Agile, Product Management, Panel Discussion, Product Ownership, Agile, Product Owner, Product Ownership, Product Management, Agile, Product Owner, business, Agile, teams, being agile, non technical, being agile, business, Continuous Digital, being agile
David Evans Scientific Method, experiment, Curiosity, Continual Improvement, product development, Testing
Ewan Milne
Richard Freeman agile coach
Geoff Ables change management, Agile, non-tech, user stories, agile transformation, Being Agile, Continual Improvement
Lucia Baldelli product, coaching, Agile Transformation, Change, Being Agile, large scale agile
Bri Axon
Jim Barritt Refactoring, Technical Practices, Code, blockchain, crypto, distributed ledgers
Antonio Cobo Cuenca communication, human, Self-improvement, non-tech, noprojects, development process, Agile Software Development, distributed teams, communication, development process, teams, team collaboration
Jordan Barkway
Abigail Symons
Andy Weir Communication, BDD, Lean
Stephen Mounsey coach, Teams, Team working, Team Work, non-tech, behavioural change, Leadership Coach, Communication
Izis Filipaldi
Mayank Srivastava recruitment, agile transformation, people, human, Transparency, becoming agile, recruitment, Non Technical, people, Being Agile, Transformation, agile transformation, communication
Nick Loe-Startup
Katrin Bretscher
Marc Löffler
Jason Nickels
Dee Wauchope continuous improvement, Enterprise Agile, enterprise lean, , large scale agile, team collaboration, Coaching, Being Agile, business
Marcel Britsch
Raghavendra Meharwade Virtual Scrum Master, AI for Agile, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Scrum Master, AI, AI for Agile, Artificial Intelligence
Gwen Diagram
Liz Love product management, Being Agile, Lean roadmap, agile,, Product , becoming agile, Operations, Lean, enterprise agile, Continual Improvement, Agile, product roadmap, Being Agile, Strategic Business, agile transformation, communication
Alan Jennings
Neha Datt Business Agility, product management, business agility, positive psychology, Lean, Design Thinking, Agile, Product design, product delivery, Product Management, Leadership, Product , Leadership Coach, psychological safety, Products, coaching, Product Ownership, continuous delivery, Lean , Lean Software Development, Strategic Business, Leadership Coach, enterprise agile, Sociology, non-tech, servant leader, Organizational Development, coach, Scaling Agile, Continual Improvement, Customer obsessed, organizational design, agile leadership, agile coaching, Improvement, Product Management, Agile, Change Management, Design Thinking, Team working, business agility, behavioural change, Transformation, case study, Agile Transformation, Psychology, Agile Leadership, cost-of-delay, System Thinking, Culture, stability, Agile Coaching, Lean , lean startup, Lean Change, Scaling Agile, Leadership, Flow, Agile Transformation, agile coaching, Product Management, coach, product management, Customer obsessed, Agile, Culture, Leadership Coach, continuous deployment, Product Ownership, continuous delivery, Transformation, Continual Improvement, Agile Coaching, Lean, user experience, design, busines, Agile Leadership, Organizational Development, product, team building, trust, agility, Strategic Business, business agility, psychology, product ownership, psychological safety, Continuous Deployment, large scale agile, Change, Organizational Culture, System thinking, Product Management, product delivery, Continuous Delivery, agile coaching, Lean, Change Management, Agile Leadership, coaching, Agile, Business Agility, agile coach, Customer Focus, Leadership Coach, product development, Agile Coaching, Lean , agile transformation, Lean Software Development, Product Ownership, Products, agile, Large Scale Agile, Leadership, product management, continuous delivery, Improvement, Theory of Constraints, collaboration, Agile Transformation, change management, Design Thinking, positive psychology, experiment, Innovation, Scaling Agile, Product , user experience, design, busines, Organizational Development, behavioural change, Transformation, lean startup, Product , agility, product development, Design Thinking, agile transformation, Strategic Business, business agility, Continuous Delivery, Theory of Constraints, Change, continuous delivery, Agile, continuous improvement, Business Agility, Leadership, Lean Software Development, stability, Lean Change, coaching, Product Ownership, Organizational Development, user experience, design, busines, Lean , Lean, Change Management, Continual Improvement, Customer Focus, lean startup, Product Management, lean, product delivery, product management, Large Scale Agile, enterprise lean, Leadership Coach, Product Owner, Agile Coaching, Psychology, continuous delivery, user experience, design, busines, stability, Sociology, psychology, agile leadership, Product Management, Agile Transformation, Lean Software Development, positive psychology, coaching, Vision, Self-improvement, System Thinking, Self-awareness, product management, Agile, Coaching, Organizational Development, product, team building, trust, non-tech, Team working, product discovery, behavioural change, Lean, agile, agile coaching, servant leader, Continual Improvement, Product Ownership, Transformation, inclusion, Leadership, enterprise, Learning Organization, psychological safety, Agile Teams, resilience, case study, product development, Product , coach, empathy
Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning Teams, Coaching, Coaching Triad, Being Agile, coaching, non technical, Agile Teams, Agile, Curiosity, Non Technical, Teams, Agile, Coaching, Being Agile, Coaching Triad, Enterprise Agile, Agile Teams, diversity, Curiosity, Curiosity, Product Management, Empathy, people, Transparency, Culture, Agile, Constellation, Transparency, Empathy, Agile, Constellation, people, Curiosity
Marielene Schmidt scrum, people, implementation agile methods, Being Agile, non-tech, change management, Being Agile
Lee Marshall Culture
Hibri Marzook
Angela Riggs
Jon Jagger
Raghavendra Mithare
Andy Kemp
Artur Margonari technique, agile, skills, fun, mindset, inspiring, interaction, examples, learning, successes, failures, accelerated, examples, management, agile, lean, OBEYA, informationRadiator, kanban, fun, 5S, tips, scrum, tricks, failures, visual, interactive, improvements, energizers, tricks, agile, games, meetings, focus, agile, fun, dos, donts, icebreakers, practice, tips, facilitation, culture, transformation, approach, lean, fun, pitfalls, interactive, Lean, realExamples, agile, tips, myths, coaching, insights
Suzanna Haworth
Ekaterina Budnikov
Erin Johnson
Semen Arslan
Jon White and Raphael Hewett
Luca Bergero
Sebastian Haigh
James Routledge Technical Practices, Customer Focus, Technical Practices, Coaching
suzanne doyle
Mirko Kleiner agile contract, procurement, leanAgileProcurement, LeanProcurementCanvas, time-to-market, co-creation, SuccessStory, hackathon, Agile
Stephen Mounsey
Wessel Hofman
Dimitar Karaivanov
Daniel Bryant Continuous Deployment, Best practices, Testing
Chris Rowe DevOps, Continual Improvement, Continuous Delivery, Improvement, Software, Agile, Agile Software Development, Software Delivery, Continuous Deployment
David Evans
Matthew Hodgson
Katrin Klaetke micro-services, product ownership, Product Ownership, service, internal product, Product Owner, product discovery, dark scrum, becoming agile, scrum anti patterns, scrum, scrum master
Bontle Senne
George Wilde Positive, Developer, Front-end, Agile advocate, Scrum master, User stories, Communication, Best practices, Agile, Design, Process, Team working, Agile, Design, Customer obsessed, Data, Process, Management, Agile, Scientific method
gabrielle Benefield
Damon Smith
Lucian Adrian
Ilja Vishnevski hands-on, design thinking, agile coaching
Sven Kroell development process, team building, Agile Teams, agile testing, Development , Automation
Ivan Culjak
Amy Williams Transformation, Culture, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Delivery, Scaling Agile, Optimization
Sabine Wojcieszak
Brett Ansley
Slobodanka Vlaskovic
Slobodanka Vlaskovic
Mike King
Mark Wheeler Software, Leadership, Agile, Lean, Vision, Agile, Leadership, Metrics, Mission, Leadership Coach, Improvement, Start with the Why
Steve Wells
Nicky Clement
Anna Obukhova
Maurice Hayward Ux
Peter Pito
Sarah Usher development, Continual Improvement
Daniel Drozdzewski
Foo Meden
randy silver stakeholders, product, stakeholder management, management, agile, teams, team collaboration, discovery, team collaboration, product, customer, team collaboration, research, team collaboration, ux, agile
Amit Wertheimer
Geoff Bones user stories, Scrum, Agile
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